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Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 - 12:57 am(no subject)
I began this blog long ago, got bored with it in a short time, and left. This has happened to me with every journal I've had since I was about five. I've even started other blogs elsewhere online since this one...but I'm coming back to the good old live journal.

Yes, it's time to blog again. I've been feeling really unsettled lately. The last sixteen months have flown by and yet, the time before them doesn't seem like reality any more.

It's time for some changes. It took today to realize that.

I'm in the midst of writing a paper so that I can see Tegan and Sara tomorrow. One o'clock in the morning and I'm just gearing up. This happens far too often.

Tomorrow, Indiana and North Carolina. GO HILLARY.

And now that I've exhausted this means of procrastination, back to it.
Friday, July 21st, 2006 - 07:41 pm(no subject)




More later.
Wednesday, May 10th, 2006 - 02:50 am - ARRGH
On page 12 of the last paper that's due this semester. 8 to go.

Oh, and it's 2:50 AM - the paper is due at 8 AM tomorrow morning.

Shoot me. Shoot me right in the head.
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006 - 10:42 pm - IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT
Yes, that's right.

After careful prayer, meditation, and discernment. . .

I have decided to begin writing on the eljay once again.

(don't all cheer at once)

This, I'm sure, will greatly affect the lives of the four friends I have who actually might read this.

So, you have been forewarned. Once I am no longer up to my ears with papers (which will occur at approximately 2:24:35 PM on May 12th in the Year of Lord 2006), I will begin posting regularly.

(oh, good lord. . . stop the cat calls already. . . you're embarassing me)

Prepare yourself, for I am sure you will all soon be rushing to find a computer in order to read what amusing, fascinating, or witty bit of insight I might have to offer.

As a preview, let me begin by predicting the remaining American Idol contestants, in the order they will be voted off:

5. Paris (this happened tonight, but I sooo called it)
4. Taylor
3. Elliot
2. Chris
1. Katherine

You heard it here first, folks. Until next Friday -

Feel free to continue with your regularly scheduled lives.
Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 - 12:23 am - JS and Mel's Top Ten Funniest Dating/Relationship Moments
So one of my very best friends in the whole wide world, Melissa, is here visiting me in Madison, and we decided to compile a list of our top ten funniest dating/relationship moments. Here they are... but please bear in mind that we're not allowed to edit what the other person types.. hmm....

1. When an intoxicated JS rolled over and started making out with Melissa in his sleep. Startled, she responded, "JS, I'm OK with this, but I think we might regret it in the morning." Needless to say, their impromptu night of "romance" ended there.

2. When on their first date, JS' date washed down a near-lethal dose of four Vicodin with four shots of Bacardi... all within the first hour of the evening. Sounds like a fun night for all parties involved... or at least for the party going on in Brendan's head.

3. When Melissa realized that the reason she was driving her date home was because he was too young to be issued a driver's permit. Unfortunately, at that point Melissa realized that some of their prior activities were considered illegal in 47 states.

4. When over the course of two years Melissa and JS ended up making out with the same guy... luckily for him, however, JS' chin remained unscathed. Melissa was left explaining her "rugburn" to her entire congregation on Sunday morning.

5. When JS got a guy's number from the guy's two best friends (15-year-old, braces-laden, barely-post-pubsecent high school girls), and on their first and only date learned that the guy's sole ambition in life was to climb to the top of the Madison Old Navy's corporate ladder. Good luck with that, Todd. Unfortunately, JS is still getting text messages which read, "ur a ass but im over it."

6. When Melissa's date informed her on their first date that her biological clock was ticking and then insisted that they plan their children's names. Unfortunately, after Melissa brushed him off, he stopped attending her church. Satan is now waiting with open arms to welcome Melissa into the fiery halls of hell for leading Andy astray from Christianity.

7. When JS' recovering-alcoholic boyfriend started giving JS homework replete with readings on Alcholism and Co-Dependency that he got at his nightly AA meetings. We spent a lot of evenings at coffee shops during the course of that relationship, but went out to a slamming bar the night they broke up.

8. When JS lived atop a mountain and received daily letters from Melissa, and one day he opened the missive to find a pornographic account of her last two evenings with a certain someone. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a lousy speller. Apparently, though, Melissa had never screamed louder. Hmm.

9. When Melissa's ex-fiance instructed her to run out to the nearest bookstore and buy a copy of Instinct, a gay magazine in which he was featured in the Bachelor's section on page 42. Melissa was not surprised to find three of her other exes in the magainze as well.

10. When JS and Melissa were both involved in perfectly stable, healthy, and loving relationships with the men of their dreams... oh wait. That's never happened... Happy freakin' New Year.
Sunday, January 8th, 2006 - 03:36 pm - Watch Dave SERVE Bill O'Reilly! :)

I love David Letterman. . .
Monday, December 19th, 2005 - 02:13 am - Paper Update
20 pages DONE
REVISION to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

although i'm thinking seriously about going to bed and just turning it in....i'm a bad student
Monday, December 19th, 2005 - 01:30 am - Paper Update
19 pages DONE
1 to GO

the end is in sight. . .
Sunday, December 18th, 2005 - 02:38 pm - Paper Update. . .
13 Pages DONE. . .
7 Pages TO GO. . .

(and eighteen hours in which to do it)
Friday, December 16th, 2005 - 01:01 pm - Paper Update
5 and a half pages DONE!!!

14 and a half TO GO!!!

(I realize no one cares, but at least this gives me something to do when I'm done with a section)
Friday, December 16th, 2005 - 11:03 am - Grrr
I am sick of writing papers. Four days and counting. . .
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 - 12:05 am - Furthering my Art of Procrastination
I hate to post another stupid quiz....but I took this one and got Kelly. How could I not? (let's not judge)

Let's also discuss how there are 4,343,315 more important things I could be doing. Ah, procrastination. Perhaps I'll actually start posting regularly again once the craziness of school is over. EIGHT DAYS!!!!

Your 2005 Song Is

Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

"But since you've been gone
I can breathe for the first time
I'm so moving on"

In 2005, you moved on.
Monday, December 12th, 2005 - 05:59 am - WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!
It is now 5:55 am.... That's right - 5:55 in the morning. I was just roused from a very peaceful sleep by music from Monday's. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? The music going on down there is louder than music has ever been. I can hear every word, every melody, every bass line. At first, I think..."Wow, I haven't slept long - it must be 2:00 or so." Then I look at my alarm clock and get thoroughly confused. So, I look at every other clock I own. Nope, It's 5:45 AM. Sure is. So, I put on my coat, go downstairs, and look in the windows of Monday's. THERE IS NO ONE THERE!!!!! Somehow, the jukebox was turned on louder than it's ever been before, and there's NO ONE TO TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!

I HATE THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm now attempting to go back to sleep, but i'm not sure if that's gonna happen, honestly. Good Lord. Shoot me now.
Monday, December 5th, 2005 - 03:16 pm - Two Weeks and Counting
Two weeks from right now, I will be done with the fall semester. Excuse me while I take this moment to vomit into an appropriate receptacle.

I basically have six things to do....some of them pretty large:

1. Indian Theatre Response (this should be done in the next two hours....hopefully)
2. 700 Journal Report
3. History Paper (this could be expanded into 5 or 6 things)
4. 700 Paper
5. Directing Project
6. Lessons and Carols Service at church

Somehow, typing the list makes it feel like I'm accomplishing something. All I know is that for the next two weeks, I'm going to be holed up in my little apartment doing work at every available moment. There will be some massive drinking occuring on Monday, December 19th.

In other news, famecity and I put up my Christmas tree this weekend. Yay, Christmas.
Sunday, November 27th, 2005 - 08:16 pm - big surprise. . .

You are Will!

What character from 'Will & Grace' are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
Thursday, November 17th, 2005 - 08:28 pm - Woohoo!
I survived my presentation. Woohoo!

My history paper deadline was pushed back a week. Woohoo!

I'm about to go drink. Woohoo!
Monday, November 14th, 2005 - 12:06 am - MY NEW JOB!
I start my new job in the International Studies Office tomorrow! I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing, but the people I'm working with seem super great. Yay for that.

I'm sitting here at famecity's house doing my laundry and procrastinating. What else is new? I'm pretty super wicked excited at the prospect of living with her next year. Sure am.

Also? I'm not allowed to drink again. Ummm....at least for the next few days. Good Lord.

OK - response for history. Ready, go.

(My, this has been a random collection of sentences.)
Saturday, November 12th, 2005 - 12:04 pm - Day 2
Okay. A second day of productivity can commence any time. Aaaanny time.

I went out with ubiquity75 last night. We went out to BOTH of Madison's dive gay bars - which puts me into a shady category of people, I believe. Regardless, a good time was had by all. Some quotes from the evening:

"I'm not a man whore, but I already know everyone in this bar except you. What's your name?" -- yeah....how often does that one work for you, buddy?

"That's fucking discrimination" -- spoken by the 80 year old woman with a cane in one hand and a cigarette in the other as she stumbled out of the bar protesting the fact that the bartender wouldn't give her another drink.

"How big's your package?" -- again....stellar line...thanks for that

Ah, yes. The list could go on, but I'm hungry. Food and then hard work all afternoon.

Ready, go.
Friday, November 11th, 2005 - 11:10 am - Taking a break from writing. . .
OK - break time from writing.

I still have yet to finish this paper. For some reason, I've had a huge mental block about it. I think part of it is that I truly care about the subject matter at hand. So somehow, I feel as if I have to be brilliant in order to even begin to enter into the scholarship being done by the likes of Jill Dolan, Stacy Wolf, David Roman, etc. Not that I have any grand ideas of this paper getting published or something. . . it's my first paper in grad school, after all. But because I care about it, I want my ideas and my writing to be worthy, somehow. Hmm. I'm not really making any sense at all. Perhaps another cup of coffee is in order.

I haven't written on the LJ in a while. Not much exciting has happened in my life. Last weekend, I think I went out with ubiquity75 and/or famecity every night. I won't go into details, but good times were had by all at various points - some of them involving back rooms and leather couches - hmmm. . . if only I had been invovled in the porn-like nature of those times. :) Ahh, well. I had my own good times, I suppose.

I hope to be super productive this weekend. Hopefully, I can spend the day writing this paper and continue revising it as the weekend goes on.

Random Survivor update: Thank GOD they voted out Bobby Jon last night. While cute, the boy is probably one of the dumbest people to ever appear on reality television - and that's saying a lot. (That's right, I enjoy Survivor. . . let's not judge)

OK - back to writing....but before I leave....a Jill Dolan quote that's about to be plunked down into my paper:

Theatre can move us toward understanding the possibility of something better, can train our imaginations, inspire our dreams and fuel our desires in ways that might lead to incremental cultural change. . . in the performer's grace, in the audience's generosity, in the lucid power of intersubjective understanding. . . these are the moments when we can believe in utopia. These are the moments theatre and performance make possible.
Tuesday, November 1st, 2005 - 12:34 pm - Very Busy and Important
Success! I win at graduate school. I got comments back today on the presentation I did in history, and they were very favorable. So much so that the comments are now hanging on my refrigerator. I suddenly feel like I can make it through this semester, and in turn, graduate school as a whole. Be sure to check back next week, though, when I am sure to have another nervous breakdown and re-enter "THE PIT OF DESPAAAIR." (ten points for you if you get the reference)

It's been a while since I wrote, so let me try to sum up my activities briefly:

I had week from hell last week, survived, and am a stronger person for it.....at least that's what I keep telling myself. I went to Milwaukee to see a high school production of The Wizard of Oz which my best friend directed the music for - it was excellent, and not only in that "excellent for high school" kind of way. I then came back to Madison and dressed for the holiday with famecity. We went as Christmas - she as the tree and myself as a present. I would post pictures here if they weren't utterly embarassing. I did, however, employ the use of generous amounts of glitter, which made me happy. Then, last night I ventured out to Cafe Montmartre with ubiquity75 and famecity and wholly enjoyed half-price bottles of wine and brie while ranting about sexual frustration.

Up for this week: more writing about utopian performance and queer diaspora....drinks with my mentOR....a fun birthday evening....beginning to write about the Federal Theatre Project....lesbian night at the Shamrock (that's right)....the reading of Shaw and Chekhov....and what will hopefully be a fabulous performance of The Last Five Years. So now I must go, for that's a lot to pack into one week. Yes, that's right. I'm "very busy and important." :)
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